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Image of Bag, Pipe

Bag, Pipe

Beaded leather bag. Typical of the Sioux dating 1875-1915 decorated with lazy stitch beadwork and wrapped porcupine quillwork. The quills are dyed with analine dyes acquired by trade. The beads are size 12/0 Venetian beads and the work is sewn with sinew to brain-tanned hide. Brain-tanned hide fringe is attached below the quillwork. Old exhibit label "Indian Pipe of Peace with case. Presented by John S. Jones, Jr. Minnesota"

Record Type: Object

Image of Bamboo


Branch No data.

Record Type: Object

Image of Barrania amethylata

Barrania amethylata

H & C Watkins; head missing

Record Type: Object

Image of Broadax


Steel axe head with wooden handle Old typewritten card "Brought from Derry, New Hampshire, in 1792, by Samuel Morrison. Many hundred ties were made by this axe for the construction of the old Rutland and Washington Railroad, when it was first built through Granville in 1852."

Record Type: Object

Image of Bulb, Incandescent

Bulb, Incandescent

National GE Mazda bulb. Year of manufacturing unknown. Donated November 1985 by the Granville Sentinel

Record Type: Object

Image of Cactus


(2) Skeleton Old exhibit label: "Cactus Skeleton, part of leaves from Calif."

Record Type: Object

Image of Cactus


1 leaf Old Pember tag "Cactus skeleton, part of leaf, Calif."

Record Type: Object

Image of Case, Eyeglass

Case, Eyeglass

Leather hard case with purple velvet interior for spectacles 2017.0013.13a.

Record Type: Object

Image of Catocala innubens

Catocala innubens

Record Type: Object

Image of Catocala robinson

Catocala robinson

Record Type: Object

Image of Collar, Horse

Collar, Horse

Horse decoration made of leather and brass or metal medallion decorations with heart shaped leather piece in center with a tassle.

Record Type: Object

Image of Cymatophora commotaria mssn.

Cymatophora commotaria mssn.

Record Type: Object

Image of Dagger


Old handwritten label "Dagger made of Chineese Coins. China" Chinese cash coins weaved/wrapped with red, white and green cording around a stick covered with red silk.

Record Type: Object

Image of Damselfly


Record Type: Object

Image of Drumstick


Appears to be a Native American drumstick with deer hide at the padded end, cloth wrapped around the stick with stringed beads wrapped and sewn. Culture unknown.

Record Type: Object

Image of Fan, Hand

Fan, Hand

Mother of pearl and fabric hand fan in box. Old handwritten tag: "Fan owned by Charlotte wife of Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico 1863-1867, Presented by Mrs. H. M. Woods." Inside inscription on box lid: Fan owned by Carlota. Found at Capula, Mexico.

Record Type: Object

Image of Frame, Picture

Frame, Picture

Black and gold ornate frame with 2 pieces of loose glass. Raised black flowers and leaves with gold background. Houses four confederate bills 1996.0006.6a-d

Record Type: Object

Image of Galls


Old label - "2 galls possibly on a Sumac branch" Galls are abnormal growth of plant tissue trigger in response to an injury to or an irritation of the plant, usually (but not always) caused by some living organism.

Record Type: Object

Image of Gavel


Wooden gavel Old typewritten exhibit label "A gavel made from one of Benedict Arnold's Lake Champlain fleet. Sunk in 1777 and under water 133 years. Presented by George H. Ripley" The year donated would then be 1910. The USS Revenge was recovered from the lake bottom in January 1909.

Record Type: Object

Image of Gourd


Unknown. No data. Old exhibit label "Gourds from California"

Record Type: Object